Haven been an early actor of digital transformation, then, senior manager at Microsoft’s headquarters for a decade, Mr. Jacques Bonjawo has developed skills and led expertise, foresight and implementation of large-scale projects in various fields, whether it is to contribute to the establishment of the African Virtual University or to found, in partnership with the State of Cameroon, Genesis Telecare, a telemedicine structure that won the TIGA Prize awarded by the United Nations.

We provide expertise and advice to public authorities and all socio-economic actors..

  • Consulting in digital transformation strategy: We assist you in developing your company’s digital transition to a new and sustainable level.
  • Retraining programs for company personnel: In order to automate your production processes and save time and money, we offer retraining programs for your staff. This will equip them with the necessary skills to plan and develop effective and efficient work strategies..
  • Creation of websites and web and mobile applications: To enhance your visibility on the Web, we take care of the realization of your Web and mobile communication platforms.
  • Digital Marketing: We conceptualize and manage digital-based acquisition and customer retention campaigns by optimizing your marketing investments.
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