Genesis Telecare, is a Cameroonian company specializing in telemedicine interventions.

Genesis Telecare opened its very first center in Cameroon in April 2009, with a view to proposing innovative solutions to problems of access to healthcare, while wishing to establish a viable service in the context of the Cameroonian healthcare system. The main objective presented was to provide to patients, “fast and efficient access” to general practitioners and specialists, using telemedicine technologies. It’s about combining cutting-edge technology with the expertise of qualified physicians in real-time and personalized interaction from a highly secure computer system.

For the pilot phase, this project saw the creation of 05 telemedicine sites in several localities of Cameroon: Yaoundé where the technical platform was located (today relocated to the Technopole OIC at Kribi), the district hospital of Abong Mbang (in the East), the Yagoua regional hospital (in the Far North), the SOSUCAM health center in Nkoteng (in the center region), the Endom district medical center in Akonolinga (in the central region).

During the phase of one of its activities from May 11 to December 01 2011, it had consulted just over 13,000 people. The majority of patients had received cardiology services, with cardiovascular screening being the main application of the tele-cardiology service.

In some cases, blood pressure was even at a critical level. Several of these patients did not know the risks, and the screening enabled them to be taken care quickly by a cardiologist and the prescription of appropriate drugs. These drugs were sometimes even distributed free of charge during the project’s promotional campaigns. Several women had been able to have their ultrasound and obtained interpretations by a remote radiologist. This at costs of consultations which for the patients have been considerably reduced.

Doctors who participated in the activities said they believed that the population was the first to benefit from telemedicine services, but also that, doctors could also take advantage of telemedicine technologies in order to receive training and interact with others doctors or medical colleagues.

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