Best Incubation Center in Cameroon

What do incubators offer?

The main mission of incubators, sometimes called business incubators, is to support entrepreneurs in their projects. To do this, they have various means at their disposal:

  • Sharing experiences: Incubators generally host several start-ups. It is always interesting to share difficulties, questions and successes with other project leaders;
  • Advice: Incubators offer follow-up from specialists in the sector of activity concerned by the project and a connection with lawyers, bankers or accountants, for example.

Sharing experience

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how to access our support

You are a young person or a young startup and you wish to be accompanied? You are at the right place.


  • The first thing to do is to send us the SUMMARY of your project
    (related to digital transformation), your CV and a cover letter to the following email address: [email protected]
  • Give us a call to report the sending of your email via
    the ICO Kribi or Douala switchboard numbers
  • Your project is studied by experts who will ensure its
    viability and feasibility in the medium and long term
  • Your project is selected, you will be entitled to a scheduled interview,
    the place and date of which will be communicated to you by email


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Benefits of incubation

When you are selected, we give you access to a number of exclusive
exclusive benefits such as :

  • training session on tech project management with our experts
  • coaching sessions on how to set up and evaluate a good business plan
  • help in the search for financial partners (financial backer,
    private investors)
  • free access to our co-working spaces three times a week
  • visibility and promotion of your Start-up on our different digital platforms and also you will have the possibility to participate in our different events


1) E-foodsmarket


Efoodsmarket is a platform for ordering and delivering recipe baskets. The startup is committed to and innovates on a daily basis around three pillars: product quality, the fight against waste and support for producers.

Facebook :


The development of its COMBI DRIVER project is the one that prompted our support. COMBI DRIVER is a form of intelligent co-pilot in Africa. It is an intelligent driving assistance system and the first African drowsiness test tool to evaluate a driver’s level of alertness.

Facebook :


Tutoring company, PREPDIA is an online platform for booking professional and competent tutors for parents and learners who want to connect with the most suitable professional tutors located around them to learn what they want to learn, in person or online.

Facebook :


The development of its project “IoT-based automated agricultural monitoring and control system for smart agriculture” is the one that attracted our support. It is an autonomous and versatile agricultural drone with the aim of helping 75% of local farmers in Cameroon to optimize their agricultural production and increase crop yields. In addition to the fact that the system can detect and eliminate fires on farms or elsewhere, it can also deliver and promote agricultural products to traders and consumers.

N.B.: the exclusivity clauses concerning your project will be established to allow you to protect your idea from any attempt of usurpation

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you are a young startup and you want to be accompanied, you are at the right place.

Best Incubation Center in Cameroon

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