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GENESIS TELECAREA new way to access healthcare from the comfort of your homes

Genesis Telecare opened its very first center in Cameroon in April 2009, with a view to proposing innovative solutions to problems of access to healthcare, while wishing to establish a viable service in the context of the Cameroonian healthcare system. The main objective presented was to provide to patients, ``fast and efficient access`` to general practitioners and specialists, using telemedicine technologies. It's about combining cutting-edge technology with the expertise of qualified physicians in real-time and personalized interaction from a highly secure computer system.

1) E-foodsmarket


Efoodsmarket is a platform for ordering and delivering recipe baskets. The startup is committed to and innovates on a daily basis around three pillars: product quality, the fight against waste and support for producers.

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The development of its COMBI DRIVER project is the one that prompted our support. COMBI DRIVER is a form of intelligent co-pilot in Africa. It is an intelligent driving assistance system and the first African drowsiness test tool to evaluate a driver’s level of alertness.

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Tutoring company, PREPDIA is an online platform for booking professional and competent tutors for parents and learners who want to connect with the most suitable professional tutors located around them to learn what they want to learn, in person or online.

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The development of its project “IoT-based automated agricultural monitoring and control system for smart agriculture” is the one that attracted our support. It is an autonomous and versatile agricultural drone with the aim of helping 75% of local farmers in Cameroon to optimize their agricultural production and increase crop yields. In addition to the fact that the system can detect and eliminate fires on farms or elsewhere, it can also deliver and promote agricultural products to traders and consumers.

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