Computer Maintenance


Computer maintenance

The primary objective of the training is to give practical hands-on skills to learners to effectively carry out computer maintenance duties at corporate and formal institutions while taking into consideration the nature of the task and the demands of the current job market. It aims at:

  • making one an efficient technician as concerns the maintenance of computing equipment
  • ensuring smooth integration into the professional life
  • improve professional behavior, soft skill and professional growth in the industry
  • building resilience and open-mindedness
  • Theoretical in-person training – 40%
  • Practical hands-on training – 60%
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • End of Training evaluation
  • Have a secondary school degree (O Levels / Probatoire)
  • Pass an acceptance test
  • Be able to use a computer
  • Commit to the hours of class
  1. Install computing equipment
    1. Identify the different computing components
    2. Identify the necessary tools for mounting a device
    3. Assemble the different computing components
    4. Test the functionality of the equipment
    5. Upgrade the equipment
  2. Install the operating system and application softwares
    1. Choose the operating system to install
    2. Prepare the OS installation
    3. Install the operating system
    4. Configure the operating system
    5. Update the operating system
    6. Upgrade the operating system
    7. Identify application softwares and utilities to install
    8. Install application softwares and utilities
    9. Configure application softwares and utilities
    10. Update application softwares
  3. Maintain the proper functioning of devices
    1. Assemble the maintenance kit
    2. Establish a planning for the maintenance of equipment
    3. Clean the hardware
    4. Optimize the operation of components
    5. Make a copy of saved data
    6. Secure the hardware
    7. Secure the applications
    8. Elaborate and establish a maintenance follow-up document
  4. Repair or replace malfunctioning devices
    1. Analyze the malfunction of a computer system
    2. Repair or replace defective electronic equipment
    3. Repair or replace damaged electronic or electromechanical devices
    4. Repair or replace faulty software
    5. Elaborate and establish a fault follow-up document
  5. Setup and administer a local network
    1. Conceive the network
    2. Implement the network
    3. Administer the network
    4. Maintain the network
    5. Repair the network
  6. Use techniques and communication tools to ensure client follow-up
    1. Receive the client
    2. Respond to client needs
    3. Document follow-up
  7. Acquire notions on Internet and information systems
    1. Use operating systems
    2. Use word processors
    3. Use the Internet
    4. Use different available utilities
  • Allows you boost your productivity 2X
  • Work faster and easier and more efficiently
  • Improve rank in your career
  • Become more competitive in the job market
  • Improve your CV
  • Get Certified
  • In order to be registered for this course, the following documents and items are required:
    • Complete and submit registration form at one of our campuses
    • Photocopy of your national ID Card
    • Most recent CV
    • Payment of 15,000 FCFA registration fee payable in cash

    You will be given a receipt upon registration


4 Hours per Day, 3 days per week.

7 months training + 2 months of professional internship


OIC Kribi/OIC Douala/ Oic Bafoussam


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