Computerized Accounting


Computerized Accounting

The primary objective of the training is to give hands-on skills to learners to effectively carry out computerized accounting duties at corporate and formal institutions while taking into consideration the nature of the task and the demands of the current job market.

  • Theoretical in-person training – 40%
  • Practical hands-on training – 60%
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • End of Training evaluation
  • Professional internship

Anyone with at least a high school certificate is allowed to do the course.

  • Have a high school degree (A Levels / Probatoire)
  • Pass an acceptance test
  • Be able to use a computer
  • Commit to the hours of class
  1. Use standard communication techniques to carry out operations
    1. Apply the rules of written and spoken communication
    2. Present oneself clearly and precisely
    3. Send documents to recipients promptly
    4. Take care of relations between different service departments
    5. Ensure the bridge with external partners
    6. Report to the manager and notify services concerned
  2. Apply principles of general and company economics
    1. Elaborate and establish a glossary or lexicon for staff
    2. Analyze graphs and tables
    3. Diversify and compare sources of information
    4. Create analysis matrix and set the criteria for analysis
    5. Elaborate plans and editing structures
    6. Propose the problems
  3. Ensure the tasks and business administration of an SME
    1. Elaborate and establish a glossary or lexicon for staff
    2. Regularly read the reviews and special notes
    3. Apply document search techniques
    4. Analyze and comment texts
    5. Participate in the update of procedures
    6. Report to appropriate authorities
  4. Present and analyze different discrepancies
    1. Define the objectives of the CAGE for enterprises
    2. Perform general task analysis
    3. Calculate the costs complete
    4. Calculate partial costs
    5. Proceed to the rational imputation of fixed amounts
    6. analyze breakthrough point
  5. Efficiently manage a general accounting system
    1. Conceive and setup a general accounting system
    2. Manage accounting activities
    3. Record daily operations
    4. Present the table of balances managed
    5. Account for the different records containing companies
    6. Present the status of end of exercise
  6. Apply tax and regulatory rules in the company
    1. Prepare the different spontaneous taxes to be deposited
    2. Apply the principles and the rate of imposition
    3. Proceed to the declaration of different taxes
    4. Know the different tax regimes in order to determine the appropriate tax regime to apply
    5. Apply the techniques of constitution for companies and persons
    6. Ensure legal binding applications on tax and accounting
  7. Compute the interest rates
    1. Use the usual capitalization formulas and the update of shares
    2. Apply threshold legislations, mortgages and reimbursements
    3. Complete the different bank documents and financial docs
    4. Choose investments at a future date
    5. Take decisions
  8. Use general accounting and analysis softwares
    1. Configure the application to process accounting data
    2. use decently the accounting programs
    3. Elaborate the states from the accounting softwares
    4. Manage employees as well as their information in a data processing application
    5. Update accounting data in the software.
  • Gain efficiency in managing accounting affairs
  • Integrate in the professional milieu
  • Gain industry experience and knowledge
  • Work faster and easier
  • Improve rank in your job
  • Go home earlier from finishing your documentation tasks
  • Improve your CV
  • Get Certified

In order to be registered for this course, the following documents and items are required:

  • Complete and submit registration form at one of our campuses
  • Photocopy of your national ID Card
  • Most recent CV
  • Payment of 15,000 FCFA registration fee payable in cash

You will be given a receipt upon registration


4 Hours per Day, 5 days per week.

9 months training and 3 months internship


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