Linux and Operating Systems


Linux and Operating systems

Operating systems are the foundations upon which a a computer system operates. It is the principal component that manages all other functions of a computer system. Getting to know how it works at a fundamental level goes a long way into improving your understanding of how to use your computer more efficiently. This course teaches you just that.

  • Theoretical in-person training – 40%
  • Practical hands-on training – 60%
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • End of Training evaluation

Any person seeking to understand how computers work at the base level with or without prior knowledge of using them.

  • Commit to the hours of class
  • Be passionate and intentional about your work
  1. Operating systems fundamentals
  2. Types of Operating systems, the Kernel
  3. Installation
  4. User Management
  5. Task/process manager
  6. Package/program manager
  7. Defragmentation
  8. Command line utility
  9. Security management
  10. System Administration fundamentals
  11. Operating system virtualization fundamentals
  • Allows you boost your productivity 2X
  • Increase your knowledge about operating systems
  • Become more comfortable to start a programming career
  • Become more competitive in the job market
  • Improve your CV
  • In order to be registered for this course, the following documents and items are required:
    • Complete and submit registration form at one of our campuses
    • Photocopy of your national ID Card
    • Most recent CV
    • Payment of 15,000 FCFA registration fee payable in cash

    You will be given a receipt upon registration


4 Hours per Day, 3 days per week.

Session duration


OIC Kribi/OIC Douala/ Oic Kribi


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