The primary objective of the training is to give practical hands-on skills to learners to effectively carry out webmaster duties at corporate and formal institutions while taking into consideration the nature of the task and the demands of the current job market. It aims at:

  • making one an efficient technician as concerns web mastering operations
  • ensuring smooth integration into the professional life
  • improve professional behavior, soft skill and professional growth in the industry
  • building resilience and open-mindedness
  • Theoretical in-person training – 40%
  • Practical hands-on training – 60%
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • End of Training evaluation

If you are a person seeking to build websites quickly administer web based systems, then this course will teach you just that.

  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent in scientific subjects
  • Be able to use a computer
  • Commit to the hours of class
  • Be able to use the Internet and have knowledge about how it works
  • Be passionate and intentional about your work
  1. Identify the needs of a web project
    1. Define goal and objectives
    2. Define the target audience
    3. Define the expectations of clients and users
    4. Analyze the website
    5. Meet clients and users
  2. Describe the concepts
    1. Describe the concepts of the project
    2. Describe the characteristics of key features
    3. Meet the clients, users and specialists
    4. Produce the analysis document
  3. Determine the steps and the duration of each step
    1. Determine the execution plan of the project
    2. Determine the duration of execution
    3. Determine the human resource and necessary materials
    4. Produce the requirements document for the website
  4. Propose the graphic chart
    1. Define the banners
    2. Define the visual identity
    3. Propose the wireframe for the website
  5. Determine the site architecture
    1. Determine the navigation architecture
    2. Determine the site architecture
    3. Implement the proposed architecture
    4. Check the links between site pages
  6. Create and administer the database
    1. Conceive the database
    2. Create the database
    3. Update the database
    4. Save a copy of the database
    5. Restore the database in case of crash
  7. Integrate web technologies
    1. Make working prototype
    2. Format the site
    3. Integrate the database
    4. Develop web pages
  8. Test and validate the site
    1. Do critical analysis
    2. Put the site in test
    3. test the quality, reliability, robustness, speed and security of the site
    4. Apply changes where necessary
  9. Host the website
    1. Put the site on a server online
    2. Describe each page
    3. Make a global description of the site
    4. Perform some SEO for major search engines
  10. Conclude the project
    1. Reward the different participants
    2. Produce the site administration documents
    3. Archive documents
    4. Train the site admins
  11. Maintain the site
    1. Correct bugs
    2. implement new features
    3. Test new modules implemented
    4. Put online new modules
    5. Perform referencing
  • Allows you boost your productivity 2X
  • Start earning money by selling your site development services
  • Build your online portfolio
  • Improve rank in your career
  • Become more competitive in the job market
  • Improve your CV
  • In order to be registered for this course, the following documents and items are required:
    • Complete and submit registration form at one of our campuses
    • Photocopy of your national ID Card
    • Most recent CV
    • Payment of 15,000 FCFA registration fee payable in cash

    You will be given a receipt upon registration

Certified Training

4 Hours per Day, 3 days per week.

Duration : 3 months / 9months + 2 months of internship


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