Website Development


Website development

In order to have a strong online presence, other than having a social media page, professionals choose to have a personal website. Such websites can easily be created with modern tools today like Wix, or WordPress.

WordPress is the worlds most popular content management system used by bloggers and professionals to create personalized websites and blogs. This course teaches you therefore how to leverage such tools to build porftolio websites and online stores if you wish to sell products or services online without necessarily getting involved with raw code.

  • Theoretical in-person training – 40%
  • Practical hands-on training – 60%
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • End of Training evaluation

If you are a young professional seeking to build websites quickly with low or no code involved for your personal branding, marketing or sales, then this course will teach you just that.

If this is also a requirement for you to start a new project on blogging, then this is also for you.

  • Be able to use a computer
  • Commit to the hours of class
  • Be able to use the Internet and have knowledge about how it works
  • Be passionate and intentional about your work
  1. Introduction to content management systems
  2. Setup and installing wordpress
  3. Categories management
  4. Pages management
  5. Media management
  6. Posts/Articles management
  7. Routes management
  8. Plugins
  9. E-Commerce plugins for online shops
  10. Page Builders and Layouts
  11. Routes management
  12. Site settings
  13. Responsiveness
  14. Deploying wordpress sites
  • Allows you boost your productivity 2X
  • Start earning money by selling your site development services
  • Build your online portfolio
  • Improve rank in your career
  • Become more competitive in the job market
  • Improve your CV
  • In order to be registered for this course, the following documents and items are required:
    • Complete and submit registration form at one of our campuses
    • Photocopy of your national ID Card
    • Most recent CV
    • Payment of 15,000 FCFA registration fee payable in cash

    You will be given a receipt upon registration

Training Schedule & Pricing


4 Hours per Day, 3 days per week.

Session duration


OIC Kribi/OIC Douala/ Bafoussam


salle de co working a bafoussam


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