Special ICT Holidays for Kids

Register your kids now for this special program to learn about future technologies and the world of digital applications


What will they learn?

  • Logic and problem Solving
  • Game development Tools
  • The Game Industry & consoles
  • Programming with SCRATCH
  • Publishing your game
  • Introduction to TCP/IP
  • Introduction to VPN
  • Introduction to network configuration
  • Basic Network security
  • Network monitoring
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Introduction to Data structures and algorithms
  • Introduction to Prototyping
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Securing a web browser
  • Securing and Android device
  • Wi-Fi Hacking
  • Remote PC Access
  • Introduction to computer Viruses
  • Spywares and malwares
  • Origin of the Internet
  • How the web works
  • Internet Protocols
  • Document Web model
  • Anonymous navigation on the web
  • Dark Web VS Deep Web
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Uses and importance of cryptocurrencies, reality VS myths
  • Creating cryptocurrencies
  • Deploy and launch cryptocurrencies

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